Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Forgotten Motto

I have forgotten my motto over that last few weeks. I have let life live on and got swept up in the stress, crankiness, and down right moodiness. I feel like I have not laughed until I cried in ages. I felt like I have stopped loving everyone, including myself. That is not who I am. I live - I laugh - I love.

SO what happened that I go all swept up in life? I let all the distractions do what they will do -- distract. I let family members take me away from what I need to do. I have let the decisions of others affect my happiness. I stopped reading- things that keep me focused. I stopped listening - to praise and worship, educational materials, even enjoyable music. I started listening to the negative trash that people eagerly flow from mouths of people I know and people that I don't. I let topics become conversations that shouldn't.

What can I do???

I can start again. Start reading - things that help me grow. Grow as a woman, a Christian, a business owner, a wife. I can refocus. Refocus by simply moving my work area to a place where I can concentrate. I need to take time. Time for what I need to do, what I want to do, take time for me and take time for my Lord.

People think that I work all the time. I do. I am a busy woman. I work a job with crazy hours. I own two businesses, I write and I scrapbook. That is a busy life, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I have goals. I need to make my goals happen. Sitting back and letting the world take me where it will is not the answer.

People may think that I don't have my priorities in the right place. That just means that you have not really looked at my life. What I do is rewarding and rejuvenating. I go to bed at night knowing that I did everything I could that day for me and my family. Yes I work for someone else, but I do that because I choose to.

I lost my focus. Now that I realized that all I need to do is manage my time and get what I need to get done during the day. That is the easy part.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

So much to do and no desire

Have you ever had those days? The days when you have so much to do and you just don't want to do any of it? I have absolutely no desire to do anything today than sit in the recliner and be online. Could it be that I am losing over 12 hours of pay... I think I am up to 16 now ... for enforcing the rules. I think that is rather off, but when you work with the mental health individuals things happen.

Could I not want to get up and do things because the floor is so cold and I just don't want to put my feet on it? Could it be that my list is very long and if I just relax one more day the pixies will come and do it all for me? Could it be that I am just sad - sad that my husband had to go back to work and our business did not work the way we had wanted.

Could it be a little of all of those things? Could it be that I am letting forces I cannot control take over me? Could it be that I am not leaning on my tower of strength to get me through my days when I just want to hide?

Maybe instead of blogging about all of this I should just get up and do something. That sounds like a good idea. Maybe I should at least get my list and really see what is on it. I may have already done some of the things on it and I could just cross them out.

Maybe I should but some socks on and it would eliminate part of my reasons to sit.

It is time to get on with living laughing and loving.


Sunday, November 9, 2008


I have to admit that I am addicted to a new song. "Addicted" by Saving Abel. Here is what I find so interesting. I have become addicted to a song hearing the edited version. The only reason I know that I have become addicted to an edited version is because on the way back from Wisconsin today I heard it on a rock station in Indiana. I was shocked when I heard the different lyrics.

This prompted me to look up the lyrics. I already thought the song very sexual, then I read the real lyrics and it is SO much more sexual than before.

Real Lyrics.

I'm so addicted to
All the things you do
When your going down on me (edited rolling around with me)
In between the sheets
All the sounds you make
With every breath you take
Its unlike anything
when you're loving me

oh girl lets take it slow
so as for you well you know where to go
i want to take my love and hate you till the end

its not like you to turn away
from all the bullsh*t i cant take (edited from all the positions that we take)
it's not like me to walk away

i'm so addicted to all the things
you do when your going down on me
in between the sheets
all the sounds you make with every breathe you take
its unlike anything
when you're loving me


i know when it's getting rough
all the times we spend
when we try to make
this love something better than
just making love again
its not like you to turn away
all the bullsh*t i cant take
just when i think i can walk away,

i'm so addicted to all the things
you do when your going down on me
in between the sheets
all the sounds you make
with every breathe you take
its unlike anything

i'm so addicted to the things you do
when your going down on me
all the sounds you make with every breath you take
its unlike anything when you're loving me
when you're loving me

i can not make it through
all the things you do
theres just got to be more to you and me

i'm so addicted to all the things you do
when your going down on me
in between the sheets
all the sounds you make with every breath you take
its unlike anything
its unlike anything

i'm so addicted to
all the things you do
when your going down on me

all the sounds you make with every breath
you take its unlike anything
i'm so addicted to you
addicted to you

I think it is a great song, but I definately would not listen to any version with a child in the car. The edited one is still very sexual.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Life is about to change

Life is changing in my world.

My family, whom I love very deeply, is moving to Ohio. For the last 6 years and 11 months we have lived 3 states apart. That is all ending, for the most part. They are on their way here. They are making the journey from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Milford, Ohio. Mom, Dad, Joe and Rocky are on going to stay. Melissa however will be returning to Wisconsin. My hope is that she will like to come join us, but she is 24 and will make her own decisions.

I am excited about the changes and nervous at the same time. This is a very typical emotional mix for me. Especially when change is involved.

My husband, dog and I will do what we always do. We will roll with the punches while we Live, Laugh and Love.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Out Raged

The following note was posted on my facebook account.

I do not consider myself a very political person. To be honest I have been
struggling this past election season. Up until this year, I have basically
agreed with democrats, and that is the way I voted. Well this year I started to
listen to all of the nominees. Today I have realized. It is time to PRAY. We
need to pray that our country elects the right person for this job. I will be
honest, you do need to elect the person that is right for you and your life. I
am going to take my soap box here and put a few things out there.

First: We live in a Republic. We are a capitalistic and free enterprise
country. We are not Socialist nation. Now I am not calling Obama a Socialist.
However, many of his thoughts and what his plans seem to be very socialist.

I don't totally understand this redistribution of wealth thing. The way
that I understand it is basically taking from the rich to give to the poor.
Okay. I will say this. I am not rich by any means. However, I do know that the
reason I am in the financial situation I am in is 100% based on my decisions. I
am 100% capable of getting myself out of this situation. There is no reason why
people who have done the hard work should get it taken away and given to the
people who won't work for it.

Second: The American Dream. If we are not careful who we elect this could
turn in to the American Nightmare. Under Obama it is totally okay to pursue your
dreams. Don't you dare achieve it though. When you do we are going to tax the
daylights out of you because you have to take care of the people who won't do
anything for themselves.

Thirdly: You are who you associate with. If you associate with questionable
people, that makes me question you.

So what I ask is to pray. As a nation we need to pray. Pray that the
candidates have wisdom to make the right decisions. Ask the Lord to open their
eyes, and open their ears. Use the in gates more than the out gate of the mouth.
We also need to pray that everyone who is able goes out to vote. We need to pray
that the voting public does what they feel is best for them. However, we also
need to ask God to ensure that the proper candidate gets in the office. We know
that they are both Christians and yes we are to give to the poor and help those
who can't help themselves. We need to pray and pray hard. God please work here.
I as,k if you are reading this to stand in agreement with me. You may not agree
with the points that I have mentioned, but you can stand in agreement with the
fact that we need to pray!

It was obvious that my passive aggressive cousin had read it when I read the following status update. "___ is tired of the rich getting richer, and people who think the "American Dream" is about money. There is no money in the Constitution."

In my outrage I got home from work and asked my husband. "Can you explain to me what the American Dream is?" His response was "I understand it to be totally free. To be able to do what you want when you want." I then asked him if money was involved in it. He said, "Well, yes. You can't make it in this world without money."

I guess then I need to pose the question to my cousin what his view of the American Dream is. I know that for me it is to be successful and to acheive your dreams, not just pursue them. If the American Dream is just about pursuing your dreams then I am in the wrong country. My dream is to be successful and not have to rely on anyone else to provide for my families needs. Then to teach and spread The Word of God. If that offends you well then excuse me, but that is who I am and I am American.

I can't be too mad at my cousin, he has his opinions and he is entitled to them. People just need to remember that opinions are the cheapest commodity in the world. Everyone has millions.

Second outrage --

Why are we talking about Sarah Palin's clothes??? Why are we not talkint about the real issues!!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

One Day to One Year

What a weekend. I am getting to spend so much time with my husband. It is great!

This weekend last year I was a bride. Looking back at that day, it was beautiful! The day itself was crystal blue skies with white puffy clouds. It was actually a little on the cool side. The guys loved it, the girls well we enjoyed the clear skys with a few extra layers on.

There were several things that didn't go the way that I had planned. And I am not even going to focus on those anymore. I regret much of the day. I am holding to the promise that I am going to get the wedding of my dreams.

Here is what my focus is. I am married to the man that I wanted to marry. I am happily married, and we grow closer everday. Sure we have had a few first year marriage fights, but it is our first year of marriage.

Keith, I love you. I respect you. I think us getting married was the best decision we ever made.

Enjoy the hightlights with us.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Relive the Day with Us

I just have to say I am loving the new Picasa 3. That is where I made this. LOVE IT. Thanks Blogger for informing us of the new version.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Are you a business? Really?!?

So - I don't know who knows this about me so I will bring everyone up to speed. My husband and I do several things to make money. But first and foremost we rely on God to supply all of our needs. Take a look at my other blog for more on this. We own a web based distribution company, we are creative gift consultants, we open distribution franchises, we mentor and coach other franchise owners, I do custom scrapbooks, I babysit (well that is more a bardiring system), I also work with an agency that does MR/DD stuff.

Currently Keith and I are calling small companies about creative gift options for the holiday season. When I say small I mean small under 25 employees. We both work out of the spare bedroom in our apartment. At times we talk over each other, but the we just kindly remind the other that we need to talk too. We are a small business backed by a VERY large compay.


We have been calling small companies for several weeks. Here are some of the things that I have made me say -- Are you a business? Really?!?

  • Hello?
  • This leads me to ask you is this XYZ company? If you are a business and work it out of your home answer your phone like you are a business!

  • Me: Are you currently keeping your options open for gifts or rewards for your employees or clients/customers?
  • Them: We are so small, we just don't do that.
  • This leads me to wonder, just because you are a small company does that mean your employees don't need recognition?

Then there is of course the "Did they really just say that?"

  • Them: XYZ Comany, this is Linda may I help you?
  • Me: May I speak to the person who would be responsible for purchasing employee gifts and rewards?
  • Them: That's me.
  • Me: Great, Did you say your name was Linda [obviously not speaking clearly]?
  • Her: Yes, what is your name?
  • Me: Sara. I am [cut off]
  • Her: It is nice to know who I am talking to, I am not going to buy anything from you. [click]

  • Them: I can help you. We don't do that here.
  • Then what are you going to help me with???

  • Them: We are not entertaining new vendors at this time.
  • We weren't asking to be entertained.

Then there are the things that make you go hmmmm...

  • Message: You have reached extenstion 13, please leave your message.
  • Call one time, you need Ed. Call a second time, you need Tom. - Really can I just get to the right person?

Here is what is great about all of this...

Can you really blog and make calls if you were working for someone else?
Do you have someone to share your stories with as it happens at your job?
Can you take a break when you need to pee without asking?

Just a few points to ponder.

Stay tuned to!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Old People + Parking Lot Rage = Stupidity

I never thought that grocery shopping would be so eventful!

After doing some blogging this morning (check out my profile for other blogs) I made a grocery list, asked Keith if there was anything he needed, double checked the necessities, and went to the store. Now like most people we are trying to make $1 go where $5 should. -- That is why when I am reading other people's blogs and I see adsense I make sure to click at least one -- Any hoo !! I digress. By stretching the dollar that means I go to 3 stores. Yes it kind of sucks, but I got a whole week plus for right around $60.00.

I start at Aldi's get the off brand stuff that it's not a big deal what brand we get. No big issues, except I don't shop there much so I don't know where anything is and I have to go up and down all the aisles. Now here is what is so fun about Aldi's. If you don't bring your own bag you have to buy them. I used to shop here for my clients so I knew that part. I go shopping with a large tote and cooler in tow. I am going to 3 places remember. So I get everything in the car and head back towards home. Next stop is along the way. The Super Wal-Mart.

I go in get what I need. They did not double bag everything like last time. Good for them. So here is where the excitement begins.

I load up the car. I return the cart. A lost art at Wal-Mart, but anyway, again I digress. I get in the car and heading in the correct direction down my aisle of the parking lot. All of a sudden there is a large white conversion van cutting across all the parking spots and pulling out in front of me. I then do something not so characteristic of me, but they were less than 5 feet in front of my car. I laid on my horn. (My usual reaction to stupidity is to shake my head and let the Moe Ron move along)

The driver of this van continues to be an idiot. They zip around to cut back across the lanes, turn down an aisle 2 in front of me, pull into the driving lane and stop. Just stop. They just sit there. I get a look at who is driving this van. AN OLD MAN. This GRAMPS is going to cause a major accident. In the passenger seat is his GRANNY of a wife. In the backseat is their patriotic daughter. (Red Neck, White Trash, Blue Collar) She is on her cell phone looks at me and waves as they are sitting there blocking traffic.

I think, well I will back up and go the other way - knowing they were going to do something stupid again. Then comes the SUV that gets involved. He keeps inching forward next to the driver side of my car (in the lane for oncoming traffic). The van backs up for him to get past. He motions for me to go ahead. When I start to move, the van bolts ahead again. The guy in the SUV motions for me to roll my window down he said I will watch them for you, I saw what they did to you back there. I thank him and he starts to move ahead again they completely get out of his way, but he stays in the wrong lane and I drive with him in the proper lane. When we got past them he had me go ahead of him and he got behind me until we were on the main street.

That was only my 2nd stop! Thank God there were no other issues.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Inspiration at the Pool from a 5 year old.

I have been inspired today. During the time with my newphew (away from other family members) I have been taking pictures, at the park, at his house, at Chic-a-filet, and now at the pool.

While taking pictures today he said, "Are you taking pictures for Daddy's book?" I told him, "Daddy's book was just pictures of you and Daddy together." Then he asked, "Are they for Mommy's birthday?" There is where the inspiration hit. My sister-in-law, his mom, loves scrapbooks. She usually asks for them. In fact I am creating a scrapbook for Christmas of their cruise from last year. However, it would be nice to have one for her that she has not asked for.

I also thought about doing a picture collage, but they don't really have much room for more things on the wall.

Plus the pictures turned out great!

Happy Scrapping ~

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Are you up to the challenge?

I was listening to a CD over the last few days titled "Princess Power"and it got me thinking. So what does any computer savvy person do in this day and age, Google it. Really, I remember hearing people call little girls their princess. But when did it stop being okay to not want to be a princess? When did it stop being okay to want exquisite things, sparkling tiaras, gorgeous gowns and grand balls? And when did we stop wanting our handsome prince?

Think about this, don't men really deep down just want something to fight for?

So, what does it mean to be a princess? How does a princess act? What are the characteristics of a princess? So I did some research --- I wanted to really know, so I am sharing with you.

A princess is noble: She carries herself with poise and dignity. She listens attentively and chooses her words carefully. A princess always controls her emotions and makes choices based on what is right. Her choices revel her character. She has a strong sense of duty, she knows she is a princess.

A princess is selfless: She does what is best for the people of her kingdom. She is a server, she chooses to focus on others. A princess is humble: She does not demand special treatment because she is a princess. She refrains from bragging or boasting. A princess will seek and accept advise.

A princess is kind: She is gentle, compassionate, patient and forgiving.

A princess is trusting and faithful: She is easy to trust and shows her faithfulness in her actions.

A princess is respectable and admirable: A princess does not just complete her prince, she builds him up. She respects him and compels him to greatness. He is a hero in her eyes.

These qualities will still attract a prince today. We need to remember, we are all princesses. We are the daughters of The King. When exhibit these qualities we are looked highly upon, like the princesses we are. We are all princesses, but we may not look it right now. Here is what is great.

We can start becoming a princess at any time.

I am currently on the path of becoming a princess. I know that I am the daughter of The King, but there are many areas where I can be better than I am. This is a journey. Life is a journey. Success is a journey. I am going to fail my way to the top and learn from my mistakes. In the end I will be the princess people can look up to. My dash will mean something. I will have made a difference while I was here on this earth.

God has already blessed me with my prince, but everyday I strive to be a better wife. I strive to be a Proverbs 31 wife. I strive to respect him. I strive to be the princess he deserves. I thank God for him everyday. I pray that I build him up more than I tear him down.

My question is when will more ladies strive to be real princesses rather than what the American Society has turned the word into. What does it currently mean to be a princess? You must love glamour, pink and glitter. You must have tons of money or max out your credit cards with all day shopping. You tell people what to do and where to take you. You have your little accessory dogs and drink expensive coffees. You think you make the world a prettier place. I wonder if you became a real princess if you would even know how to handle it?

I would like to take all the things that a princess is and combine it with what the word has become to mean. I would like to really just add one.

A princess is authentic: She is true to her style. If she likes the glam she likes pink and glitter. If she likes the punk rock scene her appearance fits it. She carries herself with poise and confidence. She does make the world a prettier place by doing what she was called to do. She makes a difference. Parents would not be ashamed that their daughters want to be her. She can handle everything that comes her way because she knows that everything goes to God in prayer. He will never let her handle more than she can bear. He is her Father, He is watching out for her.

He is Our Father, He is watching out for us. My final question for you is: Are you willing to take the challenge? Are you willing to become the princess you always wanted to be?

Your tiara is waiting.

Strange Gift

A few years back my sister-in-law had asked me to make a scrapbook of her son's first year as a Christmas gift. I was thrilled to make a baby scrapbook so I jumped all over it. Well, that year I aslo made my mother-in-law a scrapbook calendar. These were a huge hit!

Well earlier this year I was asked to work my magic again. The requested seemed very odd to me. My sister-in-law asked me to make a scrapbook of my brother-in-law and his son for his birthday. Now you don't know my brother-in-law. He is not the sentimental type for the most part. He has his moments, but it is not his overall nature. I did not leap as excitedly as I had in the past, but I did agree to do it and kept my questioning nature to myself.

I started one Sunday afternoon for 3 hours or so and just thought, I looked at the pictures I had, I sorted them - Okay by year.... well, there are not enough of this or not enough of that... how else can I do this.... then it hit me... Cory is 5.... There have been 5 summers, birthdays, Christmases, ect. So I really went the route of this is from Cory. I really wanted Cory to help with it, but he wanted nothing to do with it. He did help pick out stickers at the store. (in exchange for candy of course)

Well it is finished and Keith says that he will like it. I hope so, but now I get to start another. Their cruise!!! It will be really good gift for the both of them, but Janet is the one that wants it the most. I am looking forward to getting started on that one.

Father and Son 5 years of being silly.

Happy Scrapping~

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My first bloggin mishap

I get some comments on my blog today. I am so very excited.... then I hit the wrong button and they are gone. I was able to go back and read them. I really appreciated what each of you had to say. So I reposted it, giving you credit and then the comment. I know now to publish each one individually and there will be no mishaps.

Everyday you learn something new!

Ok, Yes I am a dork.

I had to get up early today to head off to a part time job I have picked up. I had to leave before my two favorite guys were out of bed. I had not been feeling well, so I slept on the futon. Well when I got back at 9am - here is what I find.

I pull into our driveway and look for hubby's car. I didn't want to miss him - he was still there he actually was waiting becuase he wanted to use my car. Anyway! I pull into a parking spot right in front of our building. I look up towards our windows and there they both are - looking out at me. It was so cute! Both of them in the window, looking at me -- Oh here she is! She's home! YEAH!

I go up stairs, unlock the door and Kirby jumps up on me as soon as I walk in, and Keith is standing there behind him. "I told you mommy was home." Both of them waiting for me at the door.

I have been married for 340 days and today was one of the best mornings yet. I felt so important and so loved. All because my husband and my dog were watching for me to come home and waiting for me at the door.

Believe it or not, that is exactly what I needed lately, just to feel important and feel loved.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

521 weeks, but who is counting

Friday night we played games - Imagine If then Apples to Apples -- Concert gardens and Fragrant Japenese. We even spiked our mom's drink. It was great. Kriby enjoyed seeing Mom and Melissa again. Saturday we went to the art museum and a few parks. Then it was concert time!

521 weeks ago (8/2/1998) Melissa went to her first Backstreet Boy concert. It was at Marcus Amplitheater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In attendence were the five Backstreet Boys - AJ, Brian, Nick, Howie and Kevin - Melissa, Sara and Jenny Brazy. Fast forward ten years and one week. We are attending Melissa's 21st Backstreet Boy concert at the Fraze Pavillion in Kettering, Ohio. In attendence were the four Backsteet Boys - yes we lost Kevin - Melissa, Sara and Katie (Jenny was unable to attend). Oh and we can't forge Bailey. He was the cutest announcer ever.

The concert itself was great. We experienced a great mix of old and new. They each also sang things from their solo projects. Melissa is definately the number one Backstreet fan. She screamed every song expcept solo's for AJ, Howie and Brian. She knew Nick's. Making her the number one fan. Katie sang everything except the solo's making her the number two fan.

Melissa almost fell doing the "Everybody" dance, none of us had a voice when we left and the concert was in a Park -- Great memories attached to another Backstreet Boys concert.

For the record - I do not care that people think I am crazy for going to this concert. I had a great time and made great memories. The music was great too.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

I have an amazing husband -- I won't apologize if that makes you ill.

I need to brag on someone.

I have the most amazing husband in the world. I am so proud of him. In June we sat down and wrote out where we would like our business to be in 6 months (January 1, 2009). We wanted a certain franchised structure, we wanted a certain amount of volume following through the group, we committed to doing certain things each week, etc. We also have been taking a serious look at our growth, both business growth and personal growth. We have been serious about getting the job done. Not just one of us, but both of us.

So we started truly developing a list of people we knew to run our business concept past them. Keith has been getting some great results. I am too, his are just manifesting a little faster.

Well Saturday he went to Memphis to get a new team started. He got one of our mentors in the car with him and one of our team leaders. The three of them left at 8 in the morning. They had a great time. It was not only fun, but successful. They drove back the same day pulling in at 5 Sunday morning. He got home, crawled into bed and said - "Tonight I totally felt crazy." I looked at him and said, "Sure, but we are destined for greatness." I gave him a kiss and we went back to sleep.

He is so willing to do whatever it takes. It's not just what it takes -- it is whatever it takes. Yes, I didn't go with him but it would have been a blast if I were able to go. Next time, hopefully. He is always looking for more people to serve, more people to help, and just when you think you can't serve anyone else, he will find us more. I am excited about what his is willing do to for our future.

Keith - Thank you for going out and earning my respect everyday.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our treck to Nebraska

Oh so I have to tell you about today. We had a marketing meeting in Dayton. When we think Dayton we plan on 45 minutes to get there. So Keith accidently over sleeps (he was supposed to get up while I was in the shower to take the four legger out to pee). I get out of the shower they are both sleeping in bed on my pillows. Totally adorable, but not the time for it.

Anyway - we get ready about to walk out the door since we are now running 10 minutes behind, "Shoot hun - it is going to take over an hour to get there." Keith says while looking at the directions. He calls tell them we will be late and leave. We get off the expressway and follow the directions -- into nothing but CORN FIELDS!

Here we are going to this global headquarters of a it is where???

I will tell you where... Turn right on this alley type thing that is a 1 1/2 lane road -- you know you are there when you pass the barn with a huge freaking rooster on the side that is red. This road will cause a suv to drive on the grass so you can both pass. When it dead ends (another corn field) turn right... then there will be a stop sign and a flashing red light. This is the state highway you need to turn on but you need to look 50 feet up the road to the left to make sure becuase the sign is no where to be seen. As you are traveling 55 mph you will see a blue sign on the left where you need to turn for your global headquarters -- not a corn field, but seriously over grown grass. Take this road up to the teal house and your building is the next white one.

I could have sworn we got off the interstate in Ohio and ended up in Nebraska.

It was an amazing adventure and great story that will be shared on CD one day.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Recent Read

I am reading What You Say is What You Get. Great book. I am only about half way through but I am very surprised what a page turner it is.

This book is about speaking the Word and being able to get what you say. After each chapter it gives you affirmations to say, scripture to study and ways to speak to get what you want. This book goes so well with another recent book I read, Tongue the Creative Force. It too is about releasing the creavite power of God by speaking His Word. I am excited about learning how to control what I want and don't want in my life simply by controlling what I say and what I don't say.

Looking back over the last few months I have really started studying a few things. One, our business, the more I put in the better. I am not doing so great with that right now, but I will be reading for a while here. It is so true that the person who wins reads and listens the most. We need to turn the TV off more. It hasn't been a great night for that, but anyway. The other is my faith. I really have been studying it. I listen to Joyce Meyer when I shower. I read Joel Osteen devotionals daily.

While in the shower yesterday I heard Joyce Meyer say if you want to work on something you need to study it. You need to get a concordance, look up all the scriptures that relate to what you are working on. Then you have to write them out long hand and confess them. You will start to see changes. That was an answer to a prayer hearing that. I had prayed a few weeks ago to lead me to scriptures that I needed to work a few things. That statment she said lead me to look for a concordance online and I found a great one. It is a site called All about God. It is great. I have posted it with the sites.

All of this over the last 3 weeks or so. I love my life and I thank God for all my blessings everyday.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Magic of Thinking Big

I am currently reading several books. I have had a hard time to get started with any one book and keep going with it. So I have again picked up Magic of Thinking Big. I have read this book before. I was in a very different place in my life. I was reading it today at the laundromat and there are already things that are jumping out at me. I have never been the kind to read a book for a second time. So this is something new for me.

The first chapter is about belief. But it starts by talking about success. This is when it comes to our business I have had the most difficult time. What is success for me? What is success for Keith? Are they the same thing? Is it okay for them to be different? Up until now I have always thought that success was having a corporate job that you are married too. One where you are working 50 to 60 hours a week bringing work home all the time and you have to wear a suit. For me that is what success has always been. But truly what is success? Boil it all down success is winning.

Where the real problem has come in is when I am asked what do I want, what is my dream, I can't give an answer. Sara what is your why? Well my why has never made me so emotional that it has brought me to tears or made me so incredibly happy that I can't help but smile. So what is it??? What is my why??? I struggle with this all the time. I once heard that you need to sit down and figure out how you are going to spend 20,000 a month for 12 months straight then you will have your why. Granted I have never done this, but the reason I have never done it is because this seems like such a monster mental task.

I am sitting here asking myself why do you want to go Ruby? Better yet why do you want to go 7500? Why do you want to have any sort of success with your marketing business? My first answer to that is that I want Keith to be happy and I know that the success of our marketing business is going to do that for him. But more importantly I want our family (Keith and my family - however many kids we have) the 6 of us (our 4 kids) to live a comfortable life. I don't want my children to know how to juggle bills. I don't want my children to know the secrets of late payments, slow payments or bad credit. I don't want them to learn these things from their parents like I did. I don't want our kids to think that having bad credit is okay like I did. I want to be stable, I want there to be money in the bank. I want our children to be able to ask for anything they want and when we say no it is not because we can't afford it. I want our children to be able to ask for anything they want, not what I did as a kid and not ask for things because I knew my parents couldn't afford it. So they wouldn't feel bad, I didn't ask. I don't want that for my kids. My kids will not know what it is like to eat pancakes for breakfast. I want an unlimited shopping budget.

If I want to buy a $100 pair of pants because I like the way they looked I want to be able to just get them. I want to be able to go on trips and not have to save for months and cut corners so we can go. I want to be able to just go. I want to be able to do wash when I want to do it not when we have the quarters. I don't want my children to be able to say what I did today, "I have been washing clothes in a laundromat for 20 years." That is terrible. That made me sick and I don't want to be doing it for another 20.

You are always told to have your dreams surrounding you. How do you have financial security portrayed in a picture? How do you keep yourself surrounded by giving your kids the right thought processes? What can you use to depict a comfortable life? I guess for that one you can just cut out pictures of the things that you want in your house. I want my kids to have a better life. I want my husband and I to have a better life. The question then comes down to do I believe that we are deserving of a better life? Do we deserve to have the best of what is out there? They answer is hell yes we do. We deserve anything our heart desires. We are good people and we are Christians. All we need to do is ask for it, be thankful for it and walk in faith until it arrives.

All of this from 3 pages of chapter one in Magic of Thinking Big. What else is there to come?

Getting Started

So everyone is starting to have blog some where. I figured I would as well. Yes I am one that submits to peer pressure.

Peer pressure is not necessarily a bad thing. It is a bad thing when you submit to negative peer pressure. There is another thing when your peers are moving on with their lives and making things better for themselves and you are being left behind. You can submit to the pressure that causes and it is not a bad thing. That is what my husband and I are doing. We are part of a business team and it is time to submit to the pressure and move on. We refuse to be left behind. We are going to make something of our lives. We refuse to settle for a life of mediocrity.

This blog spot is all about it. We are moving on with our lives. We are getting our structure right, we are excelling in our day jobs, we are growing in our relationship with our heavenly father, we are developing a thriving retail business, we are creating a buzz that is going to revitalize our business seminar.

While reading posts on this blog you are more than welcome to comment. So happy blogging