Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Recent Read

I am reading What You Say is What You Get. Great book. I am only about half way through but I am very surprised what a page turner it is.

This book is about speaking the Word and being able to get what you say. After each chapter it gives you affirmations to say, scripture to study and ways to speak to get what you want. This book goes so well with another recent book I read, Tongue the Creative Force. It too is about releasing the creavite power of God by speaking His Word. I am excited about learning how to control what I want and don't want in my life simply by controlling what I say and what I don't say.

Looking back over the last few months I have really started studying a few things. One, our business, the more I put in the better. I am not doing so great with that right now, but I will be reading for a while here. It is so true that the person who wins reads and listens the most. We need to turn the TV off more. It hasn't been a great night for that, but anyway. The other is my faith. I really have been studying it. I listen to Joyce Meyer when I shower. I read Joel Osteen devotionals daily.

While in the shower yesterday I heard Joyce Meyer say if you want to work on something you need to study it. You need to get a concordance, look up all the scriptures that relate to what you are working on. Then you have to write them out long hand and confess them. You will start to see changes. That was an answer to a prayer hearing that. I had prayed a few weeks ago to lead me to scriptures that I needed to work a few things. That statment she said lead me to look for a concordance online and I found a great one. It is a site called All about God. It is great. I have posted it with the sites.

All of this over the last 3 weeks or so. I love my life and I thank God for all my blessings everyday.

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