Sunday, June 28, 2009

Big Day!

Last weekend I scored a major purchase, as did I the weekend before. Neither item will fit in our car so they have been sitting at the in-laws houses. Yes one at each house. Well today we are borrowing my dad's van and picking up our major purchases.

Crib - $20 yard sale (It is one that full price was easily in the $300 range - I know we have been shopping for them!)
Changing table - $10 yard sale (Not sure what this one would have been, not the cheapest we have seen, but not the most expensive either. I would say maybe $180 ish.)

A yard sales savings of $450.00!

And the stuff looks almost brand new! The only piece of wear and tear is on the crib.... a tinker bell sticker.

Posting pictures once they are together and in their new homes. :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fear of the Sequel

I have heard nothing but bad things about Transformers 2. I heard it had no plot. I heard it was racist. I heard it was not suitable for kids under 14. This was a movie that Keith and I were looking forward to going to see. Well this morning my sister-in-law Janet called and said that they were taking our nephew and wanted to see if we wanted to go. We decided to go - good way to spend a hot afternoon.

It was not that bad. The fight seen near the end was drug out for too long, but that was my only complaint. Granted the language was not great for kids. Then I was told it was rated pg-13, then I was not so upset about the language. There was no real offensive stuff, but it was just not right for kids.

I think I was more disappointed with my popcorn than the movie. How is that when you really are craving the popcorn you get all the crumb pieces that have been sitting there all day?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dear Baby,

Soon we will know if you will be a girl or a boy. I would like to thank you for not making me so sick these days now that I have figured out how to keep you a little happier. I would also like to thank you for not making me so tired, but today's nap nice and a needed break. Now let's get on with this whole dizziness thing. We can stop that one any day now. Mommy doesn't like feeling like I am going to faint.

We are looking forward to meeting you. Daddy wants to remind you, you need to come in 2009 so the most you can be is one week late. You will understand Daddy in time. He's a great guy and we like to keep him happy. He does a lot for us.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Keith's "First" Father's Day

Keith didn't want anything for Father's Day. I had told my sister-in-law this, but the news never made it back to my mother and father-in-law. Saturday we find out that she bought him something. I told her he didn't want anything and she said to bad. That is my MIL. Well she asked him if he wanted it and he said fine - accepting it for her feelings not his own. Sunday he opens up a frame.

So true, so true.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When your name is on the line

I guess when you are passionate about something you take things a little more seriously.

This year I have gone into business for myself. It has been so much fun and there are new and exciting things everyday. Today was not one of those fun and exciting days. Today was one of those days where you experience, you learn, you worry and you move on putting your faith in The One who provides.

Today - first of all I am glad that I choose to do the bubbles class for the free event today. When it flopped for the most part I can make adjustments and move forward. Like #1 - do not add anything to bubble mix, especially do not mix 2 recipes to make a better bubble solution. This does not work. #2 - there are not enough activities in this class to keep their attention. #3 - The bottom line is did kids have fun? When the answer to this is yes then it was a good day.

As business owners we try, fail and adjust. Today was one of those days.

That then leads me to the worry part. With my business everything I do is to glorify God, the one who gave me the talents and abilities to run this business. So I pray that He guides my friend throughout the event she is doing tomorrow. In the secular my name on the line with this show and future business, but this is God's business and I know that she won't let God down. So I cast my worries to Him to take them away and to control the situation because He is the one truly in control.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Well it's definately the busy season

Last week started it; summer camps with Pre-Schools and Day Cares. Thankfully for us that means it is our busy season. We were unaware of how busy it truly was going to be and we keep booking dates. All I can do is thank God for everything He is providing.

There was a call today wanting a day that we already have booked. My dear friend said she would help out with double bookings. Just so happens that day she is going to be out of town. Bummer. I will find someone. God will provide. This show is one that I will be taking on and the show that is already scheduled is one that will be going to someone else. Reason - during our phone call the client mentioned how they had used our competition last year and how disappointed they were. The competition could not keep the children interested in the event. I of course explained that we understand the attention span of this age range and we fill our time with many activities all in effort to keep their attention for 30 to 45 minutes. She then said that if they like the show they would book more for summer and the school year. Definitely one I need to take on myself.

Ah the life that 3 to 5 year-old kids have. I love my job.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Life has changed

Wow how life can change in the matter of a few months.

January we found out why we have been having problems conceiving our first child. We have come to find out I do not ovulate due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Because of this I was given Progestrin to get things going. This would bring on a cycle, but not an ovulation. And it did. Things were working the way they should have. The next month I was taking Chlomid this was to kick start my ovaries to produce an egg and a full cycle. I was so moody and irritable that month. Well, it didn't work. We did not get pregnant. So Keith and I sat down and took a serious look at our life. We had some decisions to make.

I was working crazy hours with my job. I would go into work at 7am work until 9am, go back in anywhere between 1 and 3 and work until 11pm. Pretty much Monday through Friday. It was taking a real toll on my physcially. We were also starting TOP SECRET SCIENCE. By the time we were making this decision we had decided that I would leave my job and soley work TOP SECRET SCIENCE. In February things were starting to fill up for the summer. We looked at our lives and figured we had so much going on we should really wait until the end of summer to start seriously trying to have kids.

Around this same time we found out that several of our friends were expecting as well. This also took a real toll on me, emotionally. Why did I have to have this stupid problem? Why couldn't I just get pregnant like all of my friends? I started praying. I had important people in my life praying for me too. Praying I would find peace in my situation, praying that we could get pregnant, just praying.

Well our prayers were answered. Unbeknown to us Chlomid has what is called a rebound effect. It can stimulated ovulation another month without taking the medication. This is what happened with us. We are expecting our first child in December.

Spring has been good to us this year. Life has really changed. Really in the matter of just a few months. I cannot wait to see what the next few months have to bring.