Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our treck to Nebraska

Oh so I have to tell you about today. We had a marketing meeting in Dayton. When we think Dayton we plan on 45 minutes to get there. So Keith accidently over sleeps (he was supposed to get up while I was in the shower to take the four legger out to pee). I get out of the shower they are both sleeping in bed on my pillows. Totally adorable, but not the time for it.

Anyway - we get ready about to walk out the door since we are now running 10 minutes behind, "Shoot hun - it is going to take over an hour to get there." Keith says while looking at the directions. He calls tell them we will be late and leave. We get off the expressway and follow the directions -- into nothing but CORN FIELDS!

Here we are going to this global headquarters of a it is where???

I will tell you where... Turn right on this alley type thing that is a 1 1/2 lane road -- you know you are there when you pass the barn with a huge freaking rooster on the side that is red. This road will cause a suv to drive on the grass so you can both pass. When it dead ends (another corn field) turn right... then there will be a stop sign and a flashing red light. This is the state highway you need to turn on but you need to look 50 feet up the road to the left to make sure becuase the sign is no where to be seen. As you are traveling 55 mph you will see a blue sign on the left where you need to turn for your global headquarters -- not a corn field, but seriously over grown grass. Take this road up to the teal house and your building is the next white one.

I could have sworn we got off the interstate in Ohio and ended up in Nebraska.

It was an amazing adventure and great story that will be shared on CD one day.

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