Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Are you a business? Really?!?

So - I don't know who knows this about me so I will bring everyone up to speed. My husband and I do several things to make money. But first and foremost we rely on God to supply all of our needs. Take a look at my other blog for more on this. We own a web based distribution company, we are creative gift consultants, we open distribution franchises, we mentor and coach other franchise owners, I do custom scrapbooks, I babysit (well that is more a bardiring system), I also work with an agency that does MR/DD stuff.

Currently Keith and I are calling small companies about creative gift options for the holiday season. When I say small I mean small under 25 employees. We both work out of the spare bedroom in our apartment. At times we talk over each other, but the we just kindly remind the other that we need to talk too. We are a small business backed by a VERY large compay.


We have been calling small companies for several weeks. Here are some of the things that I have made me say -- Are you a business? Really?!?

  • Hello?
  • This leads me to ask you is this XYZ company? If you are a business and work it out of your home answer your phone like you are a business!

  • Me: Are you currently keeping your options open for gifts or rewards for your employees or clients/customers?
  • Them: We are so small, we just don't do that.
  • This leads me to wonder, just because you are a small company does that mean your employees don't need recognition?

Then there is of course the "Did they really just say that?"

  • Them: XYZ Comany, this is Linda may I help you?
  • Me: May I speak to the person who would be responsible for purchasing employee gifts and rewards?
  • Them: That's me.
  • Me: Great, Did you say your name was Linda [obviously not speaking clearly]?
  • Her: Yes, what is your name?
  • Me: Sara. I am [cut off]
  • Her: It is nice to know who I am talking to, I am not going to buy anything from you. [click]

  • Them: I can help you. We don't do that here.
  • Then what are you going to help me with???

  • Them: We are not entertaining new vendors at this time.
  • We weren't asking to be entertained.

Then there are the things that make you go hmmmm...

  • Message: You have reached extenstion 13, please leave your message.
  • Call one time, you need Ed. Call a second time, you need Tom. - Really can I just get to the right person?

Here is what is great about all of this...

Can you really blog and make calls if you were working for someone else?
Do you have someone to share your stories with as it happens at your job?
Can you take a break when you need to pee without asking?

Just a few points to ponder.

Stay tuned to!


neferiti said...

This is great!

What is also interesting is now a days, it is really really hard to get a live person on the phone on the first try! You typically have to press the key pad on your phone a minimum of 3 times and even then you are not guarantee you will get a live person!

WOW! What has happen to human interaction??? I’m a peoples person and I actually like talking to people.

Sara said...

Oh I get those too.

My question is why. When I listen to the directory there are maybe 10 people. Do you really need a phone tree.

Oh that reminds me of one. There has been this one company that I have yet to get ahold of. The phone tree reads off everyones name of importance. If you need immediate assistance press 0 for the operator. I press 0 and get -- her voicemail! So much for immediate assistance! :D

Have a blessed evening.

Pasifik said...

nice blog mel!

keep posting and happy blogging,