Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ok, Yes I am a dork.

I had to get up early today to head off to a part time job I have picked up. I had to leave before my two favorite guys were out of bed. I had not been feeling well, so I slept on the futon. Well when I got back at 9am - here is what I find.

I pull into our driveway and look for hubby's car. I didn't want to miss him - he was still there he actually was waiting becuase he wanted to use my car. Anyway! I pull into a parking spot right in front of our building. I look up towards our windows and there they both are - looking out at me. It was so cute! Both of them in the window, looking at me -- Oh here she is! She's home! YEAH!

I go up stairs, unlock the door and Kirby jumps up on me as soon as I walk in, and Keith is standing there behind him. "I told you mommy was home." Both of them waiting for me at the door.

I have been married for 340 days and today was one of the best mornings yet. I felt so important and so loved. All because my husband and my dog were watching for me to come home and waiting for me at the door.

Believe it or not, that is exactly what I needed lately, just to feel important and feel loved.


Sara said...

The Diva on a Diet -

Well, if being gloriosly happy about cming home to a loving husband and lvoing pets makes on a dork ... then sign me up too! Its a great feeling indead.

Love your positive spirit, Sara. Your cheerfulness shines through your blog :)


Sara said...

Melissa -

maybe cuz kriby has those huge ears that goback to his shoulders when he's happy and wiggling. how can anyone not smile??