Thursday, October 30, 2008

Life is about to change

Life is changing in my world.

My family, whom I love very deeply, is moving to Ohio. For the last 6 years and 11 months we have lived 3 states apart. That is all ending, for the most part. They are on their way here. They are making the journey from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Milford, Ohio. Mom, Dad, Joe and Rocky are on going to stay. Melissa however will be returning to Wisconsin. My hope is that she will like to come join us, but she is 24 and will make her own decisions.

I am excited about the changes and nervous at the same time. This is a very typical emotional mix for me. Especially when change is involved.

My husband, dog and I will do what we always do. We will roll with the punches while we Live, Laugh and Love.


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The Zak Family said...

OMG, Sara! That sounds like fabulous news! How close to your hometown? I had mixed emotions when we moved back home too. But it ended up being the best decision we've ever made! I live within a mile of my parents and my sister and I wouldn't change it for anything. Good luck!