Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fear of the Sequel

I have heard nothing but bad things about Transformers 2. I heard it had no plot. I heard it was racist. I heard it was not suitable for kids under 14. This was a movie that Keith and I were looking forward to going to see. Well this morning my sister-in-law Janet called and said that they were taking our nephew and wanted to see if we wanted to go. We decided to go - good way to spend a hot afternoon.

It was not that bad. The fight seen near the end was drug out for too long, but that was my only complaint. Granted the language was not great for kids. Then I was told it was rated pg-13, then I was not so upset about the language. There was no real offensive stuff, but it was just not right for kids.

I think I was more disappointed with my popcorn than the movie. How is that when you really are craving the popcorn you get all the crumb pieces that have been sitting there all day?

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